In previous years I have trawled through the holiday brochures and websites to put together a list of available flights from all the UK airports. With more and more general websites becoming available to do the same searching online, I thought that now was the time to simply provide a list of websites that I use when booking my flights.

If anyone wants any advice or help with flights then feel free to email or ring.

General Search Sites
Travel Republichttp://www.travelrepublic.co.uk
Travel Supermarkethttp://www.travelsupermarket.co.uk

I'd avoid firms like eBookers that allow you to book a flight, charge you 20 booking fee and then leave you to subsequently have to ring up the airline to pay extra for taking luggage. It's much better to use the general websites to find a flight and then go direct to the airlines website to actually book the flight.

When searching for flights you may have to specify Menorca, Minorca or Mahon. Also, when choosing a particular flight, please remember that you must be out of the apartment by 10am on the morning of departure, and that the room will be cleaned and ready for your arrival by 2pm at the earliest. This is to allow time for the cleaners to do their work between holiday makers. Where possible we allow people to arrive earlier and stay later, but this depends on the flight times of other guests.
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